Friday, 16 February 2018

Walks - Saturday Feb. 17 - Wednesday Feb. 21

Happy faces on a snowy walk last Saturday.
Strange things happen when I take a break from doing the blog - I can't seem to post a photo today - might try adding one later. FAMILY DAY WEEKEND - what better way to spend it - walking with your Shore Things friends and family.

Join us on Saturday at Tim's at 8:00 am for a walk and then coffee with friends. For most of us, the distance is optional. I think the weather and sidewalks will be better (finally) so let's get outside and enjoy. A few of the hikers and Norway half folks will do 10 km and a hill or two - join in - company makes the training fun.

Monday walks - I suggest that we meet at Tim's 2 on Monday at 9:00 am - enjoy a daylight walk with us. Please sign in on the blog so that others know your plans.

 Mid-week walks - with the road surfaces so icy, it has been difficult to get out. However, if you are interested in walking, let's meet on Wednesday at Occasions at 6:30 pm - sign in and encourage others to join you. 

A big thank you to Helen for doing the blog these past several weeks.


Olwyn is still looking for friends to join her for the Spring Roster Race in High Park April 7. The bluebird medal is inspiring!

Options to inspire you: 
  • Sunday, April 15 Uxbridge Half Marathon Half Marathon Run, 10K Trail Run/Walk, 5K Run/Walk, 2K Kid's Dash, Team Challenge Sunday, 
  • May 6 Toronto Marathon Marathon, Half Marathon, 10K, 5K Run and Walk, and Relay 
  • Saturday, September 8 Toronto 5K Run or Walk in support of SickKids 
To all those who are injured or ailing or recovering - we send you our best...take care. sorry - no photos are loading....makes for a boring post....where's my coffee?

Some walking tips for those icy days.

Thursday, 8 February 2018

Walks: Sat. Feb. 10 to Wed. Feb. 14.

A Valentine to our great group – where would we be without us!
Let's all be thankful for being part of the Shore Things. Would we be venturing outdoors in this crazy Winter 2017/8 if it weren't for the good company we find on and after our walk? Thanks to Eva for this capture of a typical Saturday morning at Tim's.

Come out on Saturday for more of the same; distance of your choosing. And be sure to let people know if you are or are not walking on Saturday or Sunday mornings, or Monday or Wednesday evenings, or arranging a weekday walk, wherever and whenever it is. That's what comments are for!

As Wednesday is Valentine's Day (and Dawn's birthday), we expect some will take the evening off. If not, why not come out and celebrate friendship on a walk, instead. Let us know what you decide.

Libby has reminders about an upcoming race possibility:
Winter blahs got you down?? Sign up for a spring race to motivate you through the snow... Race Roster Spring Run-Off has a fabulous new medal this year (check it out; very cute and it's Shore Things blu) and its only 8K. Surely the snow will have melted by April 7! Do give this one a consideration and let me know if you sign up. 
Walking boosts your mind, body and soul!
I'll add that the Zoo Run medal for the short race in September features polar bears this year.

And that's my last post, until the next time! Cheers.