Friday, 12 October 2018

Walks - Saturday Oct. 13 - Wednesday Oct. 17

Porch Sign

Join us on Saturday at Tim's at 8:00 am. As the sign says "just go for it" and then enjoy coffee with friends. 

This is the final week of training for Scotia folks. Distances are 12 km on Saturday and 10 km and 8 km during the week - at race pace. Please let others know if you want an earlier start time on Saturday. We know there are a few who like to keep you company while you train.

Other walks - Join in:
Sunday morning folks meet at the Running Room on Queen Street at 8:30 am.
Wednesday morning at Tim's at 9:00 am
Evenings at 6:30 pm on Monday (Loblaws) and Wednesday (Occasions).

Announcements:  from Olwyn: The Santa Race is always a fun event. Held Nov. 18th. Olwyn is participating and would love your company. Check it out:

from Libby:  Get thinking about races for next year - any interest in the Robbie Burns event?

Let's talk about races and events for 2019 - it keeps us healthy, fit and full of spunk. What appeals to you?

Congratulations to Dianne (a casual Shorethings), Quentin and Corbin - all three completed the Chicago Marathon last weekend. Woo Hoo - well done - amazing family outing.

Thursday, 4 October 2018

Walks - Saturday Oct. 6 - Wednesday Oct. 10

 BIST Star Make-up

Happy Thanksgiving weekend to all - enjoy, celebrate - and walk with friends. Join us on Saturday at Tim's at 8:00 am.  Our distance is whatever suits you and fits into your schedule.

Those training for the Scotia race are scheduled to walk 16 km - they are thankful for taper.  As usual, please post if Scotia folks are departing early - I know a few folks who may wish to join you.

Other walks:
Sunday 8:30 am at the Running Room on Queen St.
On holiday Monday, I suggest we met at Tim's (Lakeshore & Leslie) at 9:00 am - great way to burn some calories. Thanks Deanna - I had forgotten that Tim's 2 is out of commission.
Mid week:
Day time walker meet Wednesday at 9:00 am at Tim's. Charlotte is the main contact person.
Evening walks this week only:  Wednesday at 6:30 pm at Occasion's.

As always please sign in - let others know your plans. It is appreciated.

Announcements and Information:
from Kim: Lou-Ann and Kim (and two walkers from Sunday morning walks—Tonya and Louise)  participated in the BIST Hero walk to support the Brain Injury Society of Toronto in Wilket Creek Park.  Great cause; great race. Well done.

from Trish: The Corning Race - Despite the rain, a good time had by all. Anita did a Personal Best - WooHoo. Trish was pleased with her time too. 3:37. This includes 2 washroom breaks and some very cold toes. Congratulations - worth the training, I'm sure.

from Susan: to Dianne, Quentin & Corbin - have a great race in Chicago - I know you'll impress us all. 

from Libby - time to start thinking about races for next year - got any ideas? Please share.

Congratulations Ladies - wet & wild winners