Thursday, 23 November 2017

Walks - Saturday Nov. 25 - Wednesday Nov. 29

Our Great Gathering

Join me in thanking Bob and Helen for hosting Our Great Gathering last weekend. It was a wonderful evening with good friends and good food. And, a special thanks to all who contribute to making the Shorethings function - many contribute and we all benefit. Lastly, thanks for coming out and making it a lovely evening.

Join us on Saturday at Tim's at 8:00 am. The distance is whatever suits you - the training is done now for the 2017 year so most of us are happy just to get out and move.

Sunday morning walkers gather at the Running Room on Queen St. at 8:30 am.
Mid week evening walks are Monday (Loblaws) and Wednesday (Occasions) - both nights at 6:30 pm. Be sure to sign in on the blog so that others know what your plans are.

Day time walks are organized by Nishe - let us know if you want to be added to the distribution email list for the day and time.

Announcements & Comments from Libby: It was wonderful to see all the medals displayed at our year end party! Congrats to all (there were many) who raced last year.
A special congratulations to Susan- our intrepid blog master who completed  2017 MILES in 2017. What a great achievement and splashy medal. Any takers to join Susan next for next year- 2018 miles in 2018?

Just a few more reminders  for consideration next year:
Ruth, Susan and Libby did the Uxbridge Run for the Diamond. It was a great race with a walking division. Distances of 5, 10 and half marathon- close to home, on a trail and fabulous lunch!!. April 15, 2018. There is actually a draw for a real diamond! lease consider signing up.

Rainer as always recommends Bermuda Triangle in January and Cleveland Rock & Roll in May. Races supporting walkers are always welcome.

Eileen and Eva regaled us with the fabulous bling gained at the Maritime Race Weekend in Halifax in September. A chance to dress up and gain great medals!
Trish and the gang loved Las Vegas Rock and Roll!. A warm race in November

Whatever you passion, consider signing up for a race or two for 2018! Check out races on the blog.

Eileen took some great photos at the Gathering; I'll post several in the weeks ahead.

And one more - just because there are so many good ones...
A few good men

Thursday, 16 November 2017

Walks - Saturday Nov. 18 - Wednesday Nov. 22

Congratulations Cheryl, Julie, Trish & Anita

This Saturday's walk will likely be attended by some so let's go over the details:  Meet at Tim's at 8:00 am for any distance that suits you.

As many of you know, the service for Peggy, Stacey's partner, is scheduled for Saturday at 10:00 am. I am guessing that some folks will walk; some will attend the service; and some may do both. 

To Stacey - we send you hugs and our condolences - thinking of you and your family. If this link works, it is a loving tribute to Peggy and a call to action - we better listen up:

To Margy - we also send you hugs and our condolences - so sorry to hear about your sister. I think Margy will be in the UK for another week or so.....

Sunday morning walkers meet at the Running Room at 8:30 am. Consider joining them.

Mid week day time walks - let us know (on the blog or email) if you want to be added to the Thursday day time walkers' email list.

Evenings: Monday at Loblaws - let's change back to a 6:30 pm start - for the winter months. If this causes a problem for anyone, please let us know on the blog or email.

Wednesday at Occasions at 6:30 pm.  Mid week walks are a great way to get out and move; we don't tend to go far, especially as the evenings get colder. Love to have you join us.

Announcements: The annual Shore Things Year End Great Gathering is on Saturday at 6:00 pm. Please wear your medals; bring your recommendations for races during 2018; bring any ideas you have for a challenge for 2018 - all meant to inspire us and keep us active.

Here's Olwyn working on her list of ideas for the Year End Gathering